WHEN YOU GO AWAY, you want to be sure that your dogs feel safe, loved and happy and even the best kennels can never offer the same individual attention and care that a home environment does.

At Doggo Walks & Holidays on Nottswood Hill, Longhope, your dogs will live, eat and sleep in our lovely family home along with our friendly house retrievers Pixie and Tilly. Well away from any main roads, surrounded by woodland walks and fields and totally detached in over an acre of enclosed gardens, Walnut Tree Cottage provides a safe and comforting home from home for your beloved doggos!

DOGGO WALKS & HOLIDAYS is licenced by the council to board 2 dogs at a time alongside our 2 house dogs and holds the maximum 4 Star rating for a first application. The licence number is F19/00070/ANIMAL. On booking a stay I will arrange to meet your dog(s) for a free trial walk, or you are welcome to drop them at Walnut Tree Cottage if you would like a tour of their holiday accommodation.

An overnight stay costs £25 for one dog and £15 for a second dog from the same home. Included in the Home Boarding fee is a minimum 40 minute GPS tracked walk every day in exciting woodland environments and you’ll receive photos from these walks along with the route maps so that even while away you can see that your dog is having a great holiday too.

BOARDING FORMS WILL be sent and must be completed before a stay and all food must be provided on drop-off. Overnight fees run from 11AM to 11AM the next day and will be charged in full even if dropped off later. If dogs stay past 11AM on pickup day, an additional day sitting fee of £15 and £10 for a second dog will be charged. All Bank Holidays are charged at double rate. At the bottom of this page are calendars to check our availability. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

In case of injury in my care, I am vet trained to give your dog emergency treatment.

Walking routes are recorded daily and uploaded with photos for you to enjoy.

Also offered are beautiful natural portraits of your dog enjoying the outdoors.

Doggo is excellent value, so get in touch today and let your dog meet its new best friend!