My Every Day Carry

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My Every Day Carry
Kit Bag Collapsible Bowl First Aid Kit Healthy Treats Poo Bag Dispenser Spare Poo Bags Spare Leads Tangle Brush LED Torch Fresh Water Bottle Harness & Lead Carabiner Leads Tool Kit

Kit Bag

This is the bumbag I take with me on every walk - packed full of essentials!

Collapsible Bowl

I always stop for dogs to have a refreshing drink of fresh water during my walks.

First Aid Kit

Everything I need to treat doggie injuries while out and about, based on advice given on the Vet First Aid course I completed.

Healthy Treats

Healthy rewards for good behaviour such as recall. Given to your dog only with your consent.

Poo Bag Dispenser

I clean up responsibly after all the dogs I walk with eco-friendly products.

Spare Poo Bags

Because you don't want to run out at a bad moment!

Spare Leads

In case of breakage, or finding someone's lost dog while out.

Tangle Brush

To remove those annoying burrs and brambles.

LED Torch

For when those evenings close in, or inspecting injuries.

Fresh Water Bottle

For refreshing hot dogs and treating some injuries.

Harness & Lead

High quality harness and lead set so that your dog is under comfortable control. Harnesses are all tagged with Doggo's emergency contact details.

Carabiner Leads

Easily clipped securely to my webbing when I need to be hands-free.

Tool Kit

Penknife, multitool, backup torch, battreies, pen & paper etc.